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MICROBIOME COSMECEUTICALS is a line of anti-aging cosmeceutical products with a lifting effect, characterized by the highest concentrations of pure, highly performing active ingredients, which ensure the restoration of the natural skin microenvironment capable of maintaining a toned, healthy and young skin over time. The long experience in the field of skin care has led to the development of formulations with high concentrations of Peptides, capable of counteracting, with a botox-like effect, the muscle contractions responsible for the formation of expression lines, of Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weights.

Effective in plumping the dermis and giving tone by acting both on the surface and in depth, Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, especially useful for reducing skin blemishes and promoting the right balance of the cutaneous microenvironment, of Matrixyl 3000, which stimulates the production of collagen and of hyaluronic acid for skin that does not succumb to the signs of aging. All formulations have a percentage of naturalness that reaches up to 98%, making use of natural active ingredients and vegetable oils, respecting the strict requirements of the law, in order to offer highly effective and safe preparations.

MICROBIOME COSMECEUTICALS è il risultato di uno studio, tra scienza e ricerca, sviluppato da team di formulatori italiani, con un’esperienza di oltre 40 anni nel settore, avviatosi circa 10 anni fa. Il successo e la qualità dei nostri prodotti è attribuibile, quindi, alla lunga e vasta esperienza nella cosmetica avanzata. La mission è offrire una gamma di formulazioni topiche sicure, naturali e che soddisfino le aspettative dei consumatori più esigenti, nel prevenire l’invecchiamento cutaneo e ridurre drasticamente inestetismi quali rughe, macchie cutanee, mancanza di tono e luminosità.